Posted by: Sarah | September 30, 2006


I went to France, spent two weeks in Spain, and decided to start studying Spanish. I wound up in Colombia. Who would have known that Spanish, French, and English weren’t enough?!

After English, German is by far the most studied foreign language at the university, and suprisingly enough, many Colombians take foreigners to be German before any other nationality.

Many of the best friends I have made in the past few months that I have been in Colombia are from Germany. I feel like some days here I am surrounded by more German than Spanish. German music is playing in our office and at home just as much as Colombian music. Alex, one of my roommates and fellow trainees, even bought me a Spanish-German dictionary for my birthday so that I had a chance of keeping up with all of them (ha!).

We had a huge German-style brunch complements of Alex yesterday morning, and our apartment is constantly stocked with Nutella, Kinder chocolate, and other delicious imported German food.

…and yes, I have been getting crazy ideas of heading back to Europe next summer…it’s been far too long since I was in France and now I am determined to visit Germany as well 🙂



  1. you’re having too much fun. stop it.

  2. i dont know anything in german except some bad word which i can’t spell?

  3. Katy, come down here and start having fun with me. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

    It’s ok, Grace, those are the only ones that I am really learning…

  4. esssaa! usted siga divirtiéndose que, cuando venga para acá, yo ya me habré ido a Deutschland 😉

    por el momento, te sigo mandando besos desde argentina

  5. […] the university needed several spoonfuls of sugar, we made instant coffee at home, and although our cappuccinos at the Dulcerna seemed heavenly by comparison, they weren’t really all that well […]

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