Posted by: Sarah | June 24, 2011

an insider’s look….

Ariana and I have been traveling for almost a week, exploring Iceland and London, taking in some sights but not killing ourselves running around cites to see everything. Actually it has been more like – a lot of drinking, a little less eating, and a little sightseeing. Good balance. Yesterday, we hit the London Bridge and National Gallery. And three pubs. In one day. A very cultural experience, if I do say so myself.

Today, we were off to the House of Parliment. Touristy? Not so much. Through a friend of a colleague of a friend, we set up a meeting with a Member of Parliment. Not only did he take time out of his schedule to meet us, he gave us a personalized tour around the House of Commons. There were several sentences which started with “I probably shouldn’t be taking you here, but….” or “If I say run the other way, you run….” or “You can’t really have access to this area, but I can sign something for them to let you pass through….”. AMAZING. We spent half of the time trying to pick our jaws off the floor. Jeremy and his assistant spent at least 20 minutes showing us around, telling us about various areas of the Parliament building, letting our imaginations wander back through British history. We went out onto the Terrace, where Members of Parliment (but not other staff members) have lunch during nice weather. Absolutely gorgeous view of the Thames River and the London Eye.

Jeremy apologized for leaving us to go back to work, but not before securing us access to the Members Only section of the viewing balcony for a session of the House of Commons. Everyone was so passionate, so animated….far more interesting than watching CSPAN.

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