I started running in college, but didn’t consider myself a “runner” until May 2008, when I decided that I was going to train to run a marathon.  I began training with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, the world’s largest endurance sports charity program.  TNT gave me an incredible network of friends, allowed me to contribute to an awesome cause, and introduced me to sport of running, which I have come to love.

To date I have completed four full marathons, eleven half-marathons, and countless road races of shorter distances.  Target race for 2012: Chicago Marathon.

2010 Race Schedule

Madison 5-24-09 017

March 20 – National Half Marathon, Washington DC 1:53:06
May 16 – Green Bay Half Marathon 1:47:38
June 6 – San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon 3:51:57

2011 Race Schedule

January 16 – Rock ‘n Roll Arizona Half Marathon 1:51:38
March 26 – National Half Marathon 1:58:15
May 29 – Madison Half Marathon
October 2 – Pocono Half-Ironman
November 6 – NYC Marathon

“Running is my anchor. It’s not what I do, but it’s what makes everything else I do okay.”
– Ben Cheever


  1. What a great Ben Cheever quote — so true for me, too! Looking forward to following your training for Philly, which I’ve heard is a fantastic marathon on a flat, fast course!

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