Posted by: Sarah | October 8, 2006

the sun was just yellow energy…

Yesterday’s destination: 80 km west of Barranquilla. 50 km east of Cartagena. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
The 5 of us boarded one of the classic Barranquilla buses, one of those that doesn’t look (or sound) as if it will make it two blocks down the street without falling apart, let alone an hour and a half outside of the city. I have been on roller coasters where I haven’t needed to hang on nearly as tight to the bar in front of me as I do in these buses. And lucky for us, it was packed, which meant that we got to stand in the aisle the entire way, trying not to fall all over each other.

We were finally dropped off on the side of the road. The driver pointed us down a long winding gravel path and continued on his way. After walking through the scorching heat for about 20 minutes (it still feels like the middle of July here….in my mind, October should be cold), we finally arrived at Tutumo.


We stripped down to our swimsuits and spent the afternoon in a mud volcano, which was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. You can’t really call it swimming. I guess floating might be a more accurated description, since it is absolutely impossible to sink without popping up to the surface again. The mud inside the volcano is warm and apparently “therapeutic”, and even though it is considered “active”, it only actually erupts on rare occasions.
We spent hours playing in the mud, getting massages, and just plain acting silly. After we had all completely turned into prunes, we finally climbed back out again to wash off in the lagoon behind us. In addition to the locals who take pictures for you while you are in the volcano, give massages, and stuff like that, several women help rinse people off in the lake. Even though we had been warned by friends who have gone before, we were all slightly suprised when they started taking our swimsuits off to wash them!
We finished off the day with a delicious lunch prepared in the pueblo from fish caught right in the lake, hiked back out to the road and just managed to catch a bus back to Barranquilla before it passed us by.

Only in Colombia.



  1. thinking off you chica as I idle between classes for an hour being uproductive and spending way too much time reading blogs…

    ..and a mud bath?? Mmm! 🙂

  2. hey dear, I’ve finally officially gotten onto, so you will probably have to change your link to 🙂

  3. how much fun is that?? a mud volcano. that’s so cool!

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