Posted by: Sarah | May 12, 2011


After a lot of coffee and not a lot of sleep, I survived my first year of graduate school at GWU. Life in DC, life as a grad student, learning how to balance school, two jobs, and training has been a challenging transition, but I somehow survived. In spite of the busy schedule, I managed to squeeze in a few travel adventures over the past 9 months since I came back from Central America last summer. A New Years trip to California to see Wisconsin play in the Rose Bowl with my roommate, a Caribbean getaway from the DC winter for my friends’ wedding in Jamaica, and a week in Sao Paulo, Brazil managed to satisfy my travel cravings. Now that I am officially a student and the words “summer vacation” are in my vocabulary (even if that means working more than I ever did while in college), even more serious travel plans are in the works.

This summer’s travel adventure will be taking me back to Europe, for the first time since Turkey in 2007. Destination: Iceland-London-Italy-Germany.

Ariana, a good friend from my grad school program, and I will be heading to Europe in mid-June. Planning our trip has kept me sane as I’ve logged many long hours reading, studying, and writing research papers over the past couple months. The flights have been bought, we have lined up housing in most of the places we plan to visit, and are excited to see what adventures await us. For the second half of my trip, I will be meeting up with an old roommate from my Barranquilla days, who has come to visit me twice in New York, and has been inviting me to Germany for years. I will finally be able to take her up on that invite.

Stories to come.

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