Posted by: Sarah | June 25, 2010

mi casa es su casa…

In the past 11 days that I have been in Quetzaltenango, my host family has without a doubt been the highlight of my experience here. I love chatting with Laura and Gustavo during our meals together. Over the past week and a half, I have gotten a glimpse into their life, their culture, their country.

Laura, who is 65, brags about her grandchildren, as she cooks delicious food, hearty and full of flavor.  She asks me about New York, suggests places that I should visit in Guatemala and elsewhere in Central America, tells me about all the students they have hosted in the past.

Gustavo, her older brother, loves practicing his English and seems to have a new word every day that he throws into the conversation. The best one was when he was telling us that he was a dermatologist, but only works half-days, “porque ya soy muy old“. No matter how warm it is, he constantly wears a heavy winter coat in the apartment, whether we are setting the table, eating dinner, or watching the world cup.

I love that even at their age, they still bicker like brothers and sisters. I love that we have coffee at almost every meal and that Laura asked me if I prefer Splenda to regular sugar because she noted that I go to the gym almost every day.  I love when they teach me about Guatemalan folklore and legends, history and natural disasters that have hit, how holidays are celebrated here.

Brianna, who has been here for over a month, and I bought them an apple pie today, a token of thanks and a little bit of our American culture in exchange for theirs. When I head to Antigua tomorrow morning, I will definitely miss mis abuelitos guatemaltecos.

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