Posted by: Sarah | June 14, 2010

Every day is a winding road…

I stepped off the plane and all my nervousness melted away in an instant.  I took a deep breath and knew instinctively that I was back in Latin America, that I somehow belonged in this country where I had never stepped foot before this afternoon. It infiltrated my senses. My eyes fell on Tigo cell phone advertisements, and while I wasn’t in Colombia, those posters represented familiarity.

I felt my Spanish coming back to my as I chatted candidly with my taxi driver about the World Cup, New York, which parts of Guatemala are safe and which are dangerous.  He pointed out ash alongside the road from the recent volcanic explosion and told me how it had affected the city and the outlying areas.

I realized with an almost overwhelming sense of contentment that I have the next two months to have these kinds of conversations and satisfy my curiosity.

As the bus taking me to Quetzaltenango (ket-zal-ten-on-go) winds through the mountainous countryside, I find myself wondering why it took me so long to return to Latin America for more than just a week here and there.  There were a million reasons, pero en este momento, those all seem like a distant memory.


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