Posted by: Sarah | May 18, 2010

what I will miss…

The sights and the sounds. The comfortable crowdedness. The smell of fresh produce as I walk through the GreenMarket on my way to the subway station in Union Square. The subtle changes that you notice evolve in a city if you live there long enough. The aura of New York.

Riding the Q train from Manhattan to Brooklyn and watching the scene change from the rooftops of Chinatown to Lower Manhattan; to the East River with the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, and the Verrazano in the distance; to DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights.  Running over that same bridge with Elyssa and Carla and watching the sunrise over my city.

Crunch, where I have danced hip hop and samba, played volleyball and capoeira, bounced on a trampoline, swung in a hammock and practiced Bikram yoga.

Watching snowflakes fall from a midnight black sky and blanket the city in white. Running through snow-covered Central Park. Listening to rain fall on the skylights in our building. Splashing in puddles around the reservoir.

The restaurant. It will be strange after almost a year to have my weeknights free, to not have someone cook dinner for me every night, to not sip espresso every afternoon and listen to the familiar/unfamiliar babble of Albanian.

My apartment, my diamond in the rough apartment that is my home, my comfort zone. My street, my piece of the neighborhood, sandwiched between Union Square and Flatiron. Listening to our downstairs neighbors sing karaoke. Our ridiculous elevator, our rooftop, the pole and all the laughs/strange looks that has generated. The little Italian cafe across the street which in my very biased opinion has the best coffee in the city.  And I will miss my roommates.  I will miss them so much.

Gizzi’s and Essex and Kiku and M&H and all the places that remind me of my AIESEC days and the friendships that endured.

Running the rolling hills of Central Park, that like most New York runners, I know all too well. Seeing familiar faces no matter where I run, almost every time I run, the faces that make this city so much smaller than it is. In this crazy metropolis, the serenity that awaits me the minute my running shoes hit the Westside Highway or Central Park or the Bridges or Palisades State Park is priceless.  My worries fade into the background and I find a rhythm that allows me to escape for as long as I need, 30 minutes or 3 hours.

This is what I will miss…

New York is intense, it is so intense.  But in return, it will offer you the world.  The opportunity to do what you want, be who you want, stretch your imagination to its limits.  New York will make you grow weary, make you want to escape for long weekends, and once you leave, you are surprised to find yourself missing it, ready to return to the hustle and bustle.

In a New York Minute, everything can and does change.  If there is one thing I can say of my three years in New York, it is that there was no lack of change.  All I know is that the cumulation of these changes have led me to where I am now, to the adventures ahead of me.

All the memories that this city holds, the happiness, the heartbreak, the imprint that New York has left on my heart. This beautiful, rough, concrete jungle, center of the universe.  If I can make it here, it’s time for me to move on and see if I really can make it anywhere. It is cliche, but it is true.  This city will push you to your limits, show you the highest highs, knock you down to your lowest lows, and see whether or not you have the strength, the guts, and the heart to get back up on your feet again.  See whether or not, after all that, you will still say with an unwavering conviction that you love New York.



  1. You are amazing and will do wonderful things in DC and in life. Thank you for sharing the past couple of months with me, introducing me to new friends, new sights, new passions, & of course new running spots.

    Thanks for being a positive force in the lives around you. Now go out there and start your next chapter 🙂

  2. Sarah

    I was very inspired by your post today.

    Getting back up on your feet when you are tested. That really reasonated with me.

    Best wishes to you as you begin to paint a new canvas in your life.

  3. Sara, u have eloquently expressed your emotion through this article. .. and I could definitely relate my leaving-Colombia experience. I know how difficult it is to leave a place that has become your home for several years… But you were right, staying would be an easier option.. and you would always feel that you’re missing out something even bigger out there. Sometimes though it’s unavoidable to revisit your decision of leaving the place…but I know you’re doing this because you’re opening yourself up to something bigger and greater. Goodluck to whatever that is you’re planning of doing!!! Besitos desde Asia!!! 🙂

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