Posted by: Sarah | April 5, 2010

Another reason you’ll love dc…

Moving to DC and leaving behind the wonderful city that has become home over the past 3 years is pretty much all that is on my mind these days. Attending grad school has been a dream for so long, but I can’t say that it is not bittersweet. One of my very close friends, Nisha, has been a resident of DC since last summer and she is as infatuated with DC as I am with NYC.  I told her that she is responsible for convincing me why DC really is as fabulous as she claims it is, and she has been living up to that job very well.

During my long run yesterday, one of my TNT buddies, Rose, was running a loop of Central Park with me before I headed out to Riverside for the rest of my 15 miler (which turned into 13.5 miles. grrr).  I mused on the fact that the running routes in NYC were one of the things I would miss the most when I left.  In the past week alone, I had run in Central Park, the Bridges Loop over the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges that I do with Elyssa, Riverside Park, and Prospect Park.  A little bit of everything. A little bit of heaven in the concrete jungle of New York City. sigh.

As I parted ways with Rose near Columbus Circle, stopped to stretch a bit and buy some water, this email from Nisha popped up on my iPhone, and made me realize that even if I am leaving what is, in my very biased opinion, one of the greatest running cities in the world, I’ll be ok.

Another reason you’ll love dc…

The running is BEAUTIFUL. I went running today for the first time in years and went by the White House, Washington Monument and national mall. How can anyone possibly have a more scenic route than that?! 🙂

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  1. I know you’ll miss NYC but DC isnt too bad! Running past the White House, not too shabby!! And your friend is there-that should be a HUGE plus! And grad school-wow!!! It’s going to be fantastic!!

    My dear friend is in the DC area as well, she’s sent me pics of running in DC-it’s pretty nice! She has a blog-check it out:

    I wish I could move to a new city! I’m very jealous!!!

  2. DC is great for running – I used to live there before NYC and trained for my first marathon down there. Make use of Rock Creek Park, the proximity to the suburbs, and the national mall.

    DC will feel like a small town after living in NYC, but it has it’s charms and some really great restaurants!

  3. I think no matter where you live you’ll always find beautiful places to run eventually. The fact that D.C. is home to some of the most iconic monuments in the U.S. will make your running route search just a little easier. 🙂

  4. Just wait, I know all the trails in DC and they are amazingly extensive. You could run almost all trails for probably 40 miles if you wanted. We run on Tuesday nights, hope you’ll join us!

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