Posted by: Sarah | February 22, 2010

have feet, will dance…

What do I miss most about Colombia?


Dancing my heart out for hours and hours. In the bar, in the apartment, in the middle of the street, at the beach.  It doesn’t matter where because the music never stops, because there is always someone to dance with.  It’s the rhythm of the city, it gets into your veins, into your heart, into your feet. The dancing carries you away, moves your body, makes you laugh without reservations, smile without even realizing that you are smiling. Here, people talk about going out dancing, like it is something with a beginning and an end, something that takes place in a specific place but does not transcend those borders. In Colombia, dancing just IS. It needs no definitions, no boundaries.  If you are going out, the dancing is almost  implied. If you hear music, why wouldn’t your feet, your hips, your body start to move along with it?


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