Posted by: Sarah | February 10, 2010

snowglobe today, sunshine tomorrow…

As I watched the news yesterday and they were predicting a foot of snow for the NYC metropolitan area, I crossed my fingers that it would turn out like last weekend…a few flurries that didn’t really stick and most of the snowfall would be redirected south, say in the direction of our DC and Baltimore friends (sorry, guys).  Not that I mind a blizzard, we rarely get a lot in the city, when we do people freak out over a few inches, but it is kinda pretty, but my main concern was if the NYC school system was closed the day ahead of the storm (apparently the first time that they have called a snow day so far in advance), that flights would be messed up into Thursday…

A mí me parece como un sueño que mañana voy a estar en Bogotá.  A city that has captured my heart over and over, each time that I return.  A city where I first touched Latin America four years ago, a city where I was welcomed in, a city where I instantly felt an overwhelming sense of being at home when I arrived in 2006 for that fateful AIESEC conference that would change my life forever, for the better.

A mí me parece como un sueño que mañana vuelvo a ver a Alex, el día siguiente a Juanki, mi hermanito Colombiano, a Camilo, y a Tiffany, y a lo demas en Barranquilla. These are people who have had an incredible impact on my life, friends who I know I will be able to count on forever, who I know will always be there to welcome me back home, each and every time that I return to Colombia.

Alex and I discussed making Carnaval 2010 a reality when I wasn’t able to come down for a visit over Christmas, a reunion of sorts from Carnaval 2007. I got butterflies in my stomach when I purchased my ticket, but it still didn’t seem real.  Even now, as I watch the snow come down outside, it doesn’t seem real.  I won’t force it. I know that the minute I walk outside of El Dorado airport into the crisp Andean air tomorrow evening, it will all be very real. I have a feeling that this weekend will be one to remember.

esta es Colombia
la que yo llevo en mi corazon
la que yo amo
muestra tu pasion



  1. ¿Que Carnaval? ?Feria de Cali?

    Lo siento, pero parece que Vos conoce Colombia y querría saber si en Colombia se baila hoy Cumbias. Eso es porque cuando visité allí hace 35 cinco años, Cumbias eran muy populares.

    Me recuerdo la Cumbia “Navidad Negra” que me custaba muchísima.

    Un saludo lejano.

    • Me voy ahora para las Carnavales de Barranquilla, los de Cali tienen lugar al fin de diciembre. De hecho, durante la feria en Cali se baila mas salsa hoy en dia, pero en Barranquilla las cumbias todavia son muy populares.


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