Posted by: Sarah | February 6, 2010

where everybody knows your name…

TNT – and I’m back!

Apparently, I’ve left some kind of mark on the NYC TNT community after my first two seasons over the past two years.  I missed the first practice last week (out of town) and my mentor emailed me, “I feel like you’re a TNT superstar – everyone already knows you :-)”.

I headed to Urban Athletics for our team practice after GraceMarie and I had put in a few miles around the reservoir and was greeted with hugs and “welcome backs” from my coaches and training captains.  I’m super pumped for the season.

After standing around for team pictures and a million announcements (dammit. shoulda brought handwarmers. I always forget just how long it takes at the beginning of the season before we actually start running), the coaches had us run a timed two-mile stretch; after that people could add on an additional 1-4 miles, depending on what they wanted to do for the day.

One thing that I have always appreciated about TNT is the diversity of ability levels.  When I joined two years ago, I did not consider myself a serious runner and was definitely starting from square one.  Last year, I had built up an endurance level, but comfortably still fell into the 10-11 min pace group for our longer runs.  Something has clicked with my running since Philly though; I’ve especially noticed it since the turn of the new year.  Ever since I’ve started using dailymile to track my mileage, I’ve realized that my pace has been much faster than it ever has before.  There are several reasons for this (more treadmill speedwork, running with people who are a little bit faster than me, forcing myself to run through the winter which is both mentally & physically challenging for me), but it still surprises me because I’ve always put myself in the “slow runner” category and been ok with that.

Suddenly noticing these changes in my running has made me push myself even harder, to take my running to the next level. During our pre-TNT run, GM noted, “you’re running before practice. you’re one of those runners. we make fun of those people” Yeah, I guess somewhere along the way, I became one of those runners.

We were to head from East 90th up to the 102nd St transverse, cross over to the Westside of the park and back, give our time to our training captain, which would be used to set pace groups, and continue our run. After Coach Michael went through the workout, and gave us the go-ahead on our timed two miler, I pulled toward the front of the group almost immediately. I had something to prove to myself, more than anyone else (and let’s be honest. our team is a primarily female-dominated one. the cute guys are all at the front of the pack), and I pushed myself.

I was happy with my 16:53, happy with the starting level that I set for myself for the season. I’m ready to train with the advanced group, ready to build on the base that I have set for myself, ready to race San Diego. Holla!



  1. HOLLA!!! Your doing spectacular Sarah!!! I can’t wait to see how much progress you make towards spring time and then San Diego!!! WOOT!!!

  2. Sarah,

    Impressive running. Even more impressed that you are doing another season with TNT.

    It is because of people like you that come back season after season that one day we will all be running marathons for fun and not because we need to raise money for a cure. Until that day, I am so grateful to everyone that makes a stand against cancer.

    GO TEAM!!!

    Ross-Rocky Mountain Chapter

    P.S. I am training for San Diego 🙂

    • Hey Ross –

      I’m definitely happy to be back with the team and hope that my fundraising goes well this season.

      Are you doing the half or the full in San Diego?

      GO TEAM 🙂

  3. Awesome. Looks like someone is gaining confidence in her running;-) Looking forward to seeing that confidence continue to grow through the spring.

    See you at the finish line in San Diego (this time I’ll be the one waiting for you! :)).

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