Posted by: Sarah | January 27, 2010

yeah, that’s what I’m doing these days…

The blogging has fallen by the wayside again lately.  Not that there hasn’t been much going on, but the inspiration to write just isn’t there like it used to be.

As I look back over the past several posts, this has definitely turned into a running blog as racing has become a large part of my life.  This collection of online thoughts has ebbed and flowed over the years since I started to write back in college, and the focus has naturally changed based on where I am, what’s going on in my life, who I am surrounded by, my main audience of readers, all that jazz.  The title was changed when I moved from Colombia to New York.  Later, I migrated from nomadlife to wordpress, primarily because I wanted to have more creative options in the layout of the blog, but that also represented its shift away from being more of an AIESEC/travel blog.

And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing about running.  I enjoy looking back over the entries that have captured the nervous moments leading up to races and the high coming off of a memorable finish.  But my main passion, that which has always been number one for me in life, above everything else, has all but disappeared from writing, as it seemingly has from my life over the past two years.


It’s who I am, it’s what I do.  If there is one thing that makes me ecstatically happy, makes me feel like I am growing, changing, gives me the sensation of being alive, it is, and has always been traveling.  Regardless of what else is going on in my life, career changes, relationship drama, that is what I will always come back to, what makes me ME. My room is sprinkled with mementos from Spain and Turkey and Mexico and France.

nomadlife was not only a collection of blogs but a word that epitomized who I was, what inspired me, a lifestyle that I loved. After AIESEC, however, that lifestyle somehow faded into a distant memory.  I traveled beyond the borders of this country for all of 5 days in 2009, and that entire time was spent at a gorgeous Caribbean resort, where I sipped pina coladas and felt like I was getting jipped of the chance to see “real Mexico”. 5 days. That’s it. Before that, my passport had not been used since my glorious return to Colombia in May 2008.  Pathetic. And I call myself a world traveler.  Ridiculous.

Last year, I did a whole lot of complaining about not being able to travel.  About being stuck in New York, with the exception of a few small jaunts to Philly and DC.  I love the Northeast, but it was making me claustrophobic.  And while there were some pretty big changes going on in my life that caused me to focus on just keeping my head above water and figure out where I was going, not traveling was very difficult for me.

And so, I find myself spending every free moment trying to line up this year with some serious travel adventures to make up for lost time.  I recently posted on facebook that my travel dreamlist for this year includes Central America, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.  Maybe I dream too big, or maybe I can actually make it reality.  I’m flying back to Wisconsin this weekend and then two weeks later, I will be jet-setting down to Colombia (yay!! insert excited, giddy squeal here) for Carnival in Barranquilla. US based adventures this spring include DC, Green Bay, and San Diego (running plans have changed a bit, Ft. Lauderdale is out, San Diego is in).

But it’s the international travel that is really calling my name.  My passport expires one year from now.  And I am making it my mission to fill it up with as many new stamps as possible before that time.  The US is not enough.  I need to spread my wings again, feel foreign ground beneath my feet.

It’s time for me to travel.



  1. Wow Sarah that is so exciting. I think that is so awesome that you are going to be doing some serious traveling. Really nice!!

    It was great to FINALLY run with you today. What a neat run. Let’s do it again sometime!!!

  2. Last year was my crazy travel year without me even planning it … Australia, Mexico, England, Ireland, Dominican Republic.

    This year is Egypt and Greece – a little more calm and then 2011 brings back the craziness.

    But I want take my running with me … as we should right. It creeps inside you and becomes a part of you!

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