Posted by: Sarah | December 16, 2009

give it all you got, shorty, make the impacto

and there you have it. here’s what I’ve got in store for races in the first half of 2010…

A1A Half Marathon in Ft. Lauderdale – February 21 with Rose & Kathryn

National Marathon in Washington, DC – March 20 with Elke, Erin, & Renee

Green Bay Half Marathon – May 16 with Melissa & hopefully some other Wisconsin favorites, visit to the fam while I’m at it

I considered a lot of different options, but am very excited about the ones I settled on. I wanted to choose different ones that what I’ve raced before (hence the tough decision not to repeat either the NYC Half, which was moved to March, or the Madison Half) and find running buddies who I could do each of them with.  Done and done.

Training for a spring marathon should be an interesting/challenging experience.  I am much more of a “summer runner” than a “winter runner” both in terms of motivation and how my body handles the climate change (I’m not a big fan of winter in general, let alone spending prolonged periods of time outside).  Fall marathons are perfect for me because I can train through spring-summer-fall.  After my marathon last year, I didn’t start training again until February, ran very sporadically during the winter months, and my first long race was not until May.  I know myself, and I know that if I didn’t have something I was working toward in the early months of next year, my running would have definitely slacked once again.  Adding the March full marathon to the schedule should help me stick to a better schedule over the next few chilly months.  I’ve recently started to find some morning running buddies, so I’m counting on them to help me get through the winter as well 😉

early morning bridge run



  1. sounds like you have some great races coming up!!

  2. Sarah,

    Sounds like a fun plan.

    Enjoy 🙂

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