Posted by: Sarah | December 6, 2009

oh the weather outside is frightful…

conversation last night with roommate from Miami, as I walked into my apartment:

V: is it still snowing outside?
S: yeah, it’s pretty nasty
V: so, how many inches are on the ground?
S: ummmmmm, it’s not sticking [puzzled look on face]
V: why not? it’s been snowing for a couple hours
S: it needs to be much colder than this for it to stick, the snow is really wet
V: how much do you think we’ll have by morning?
S: yeahhhh, it’s not going to accumulate. this kind of snow just melts as it hits the ground, especially in the city
V: oh. but it’s not raining? it is snowing, right?

it’s only her second winter in the north, and she spent half of last year back home, so snow is still a very foreign concept to her. having grown up in the midwest, this conversation made me smile a little bit.



  1. She’ll figure it out-one day! that’s cute!

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