Posted by: Sarah | December 2, 2009

If you’re gonna jump, then jump far…

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty serious about adding another 26.2 to the race plan next year.

After my first marathon, I thought that one full a year was more than enough and that NYC would be the next big race in store for me in 2010 (with plenty of halfs and other racing adventures leading me there).  After Philly though (actually somewhere out on the course), another crazy idea popped into my head.  I wanted to do this crazy 26.2 mile distance again, and sooner than a year from now.

NYC 2010 has been the goal since I’ve started long distance running, which means that finish line will be two and a half years in the making, and I want to be damn proud of how I run.  I learned more about my running and racing that I could possibly explain between my first and second marathons. And I really think that having another 26.2 under my belt before New York could be very beneficial.

My recovery from Philly has gone insanely well over the past week and a half, with three really good runs since my marathon (easy 4, 3, and 5 milers), and I know better than to dive back into hard-core training right away. But I want that goal ahead of me to work toward.

So now, here’s the challenge – I have NO IDEA what marathon to run. Ideally, I’m thinking something between March-June, but that could be flexible, as well as the destination, urban vs. rural, etc. Suggestions?! What are people’s favorite spring or early summer marathons?!


update – suggestions I have gotten so far via twitter: Big Sur, London, Rome, Cleveland, Atlanta, Rotterdam, Long Island, Green Bay, Boston (this one made me laugh, either this person is not really a runner and doesn’t know that you need to qualify or just overestimated my running abilities)…the possibilities are endless…


  1. Go for it!

    Vermont City is fun, in Burlington. I’ve also done Big Sur, which is AMAZING, but a big trip. Of course, NJ Marathon is local. Personally, I’m planning on Providence RI, which is May 2. Lots of people talking about Shamrock in Virgina Beach.

    I’m sure any choice is a great one!

    • Big Sur is definitely in the back of my mind, although not looking for that one to happen quite yet in 2010. Only reason I would hesitate about doing NJ is that I don’t know if mentally I could handle a two-loop course. I will definitely look into some of the other ones that you mentioned!

      • I do hate 2 loop courses!

      • I haven’t done one, but I just remember thinking in Lake Placid, which was a 2-loop, but where I did the half, that if I was that close to the finish line, I would have a hard time going out and doing another loop…

  2. Big Sur is my dream race — I wish I had done it before I had kids. Now it’s probably many years away. So, my advice: go big! If you have the time/money/desire to travel, now is the time to do those destination races. : ) Good luck — I hope to see you out training in the park.

    • Big Sur is my dream marathon too. I think it’s going to be a couple years from now, but I definitely hope to make that happen. I love doing destination races… combining my love of traveling & running, doesn’t get much better than that 😉

      I will definitely see you out in the park all winter, Christine!

  3. I won’t suggest what to run, rather what NOT to run: LI.
    Look up the course, 16 miles on highway, in the middle of nowhere, no people around.

    • ewwww, good to know. thanks!

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