Posted by: Sarah | October 24, 2009

when social media becomes reality…

As I headed home from brunch, with a group of 5 other people whom I had never met before this morning, it dawned on me that in the few hours we had been hanging out, the common question “what do you do?” did not come up once, yet there was hardly a lull in the conversation.  (I feel like that is usually the default question in one of these potentially socially awkward situations) Why?  Because there was one common thread between all of us, one thing that we all “do” which formed an instant connection.  We are runners.

“Running is my anchor.  It’s not what I do, but it’s what makes everything else I do okay” – Ben Cheever

Over the past several months, I have intertwined my running with my writing with social media, almost without a conscious effort to do so, and in the process, I have “met” (in the twitter/internet sense of the word) some awesome runners from all over.  Runners who race, runners who run for to stay in shape, those who are fast, those who are slow; all of whom are incredibly supportive and passionate about the sport.

Despite having been active on twitter for the past year or so, and hearing talk of “tweet-ups”, this was the first time that I have actually met people in person, who I have connected with via social media.  Pretty sweet.

Michelle had sent me a message earlier this morning that people were meeting for brunch after the 10k Nike+ Human Race.  After running a solid race, I managed to make my way out of the opposite side of Prospect Park from where I needed to be (amongst many other Manhattan runners who were equally turned around), and headed to an cute little Park Slope diner.  6 random people, from various parts of Manhattan & Brooklyn instantly clicked over our common passion.  We chatted about all those things that your non-runner friends get tired of hearing you talk about (even if they are too good of friends to tell you that)…which marathons we had done, the trend of barefoot running that has become increasingly popular since the release of “Born to Run“, what people were chatting about in the twitter and dailymile running circles, injuries…the list goes on and on.  Good conversation, delicious food – not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.

Oh yes, and I PR’ed in the 10k.



  1. I could not have said it any better myself!!!

    Great post and great PR!!! It was really nice to meet you and I am glad you made your way to Dizzy’s today!!!

    That photo is great and SO COLORFUL!!!!

  2. It is funny how you take 6 “strangers” that all have running in common, put them in a booth and they all get along so well. I’m sure to everyone else in the diner we were just 6 friends who had finished running the race!

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