Posted by: Sarah | September 26, 2009

They say, it’s not right and we move too fast…

Sometimes you have to take the unexpected and just run with it.

You stumble across something that you have not trained for, have no experience with, is out of your league, so you just throw yourself into it, heart, body, and soul.  Because hell, you have nothing to lose.  You take off at a sprint, pretty certain that you went out too fast, but too caught up in the momentum and energy surrounding you to slow down.

I am a marathoner, not a miler.  I had no idea what to expect.

As you pass each quarter-mile mark, you take a second glance at your watch because those splits seem way faster than you dared to hope for, and yet, you’re strangely feeling like you will be able to hold this pace until the end.

You are pushing harder, flying faster, doing better than you had thought possible.  Now is no time to give up, to let go, to slow down.

Maybe life is testing you by throwing something too good to be true at you and seeing just how badly you really want it.  We are sure that we are not cut out for the challenge, we struggle against the limits that we set…and in doing so, we surprise ourselves more than anyone else by rising to the occasion.

I want this.  I want this so much.  I would rather ignore logic and limitations.  I would rather follow my heart and take the risk.  That’s just how I roll.

7:42. I have never, ever run a sub-8:00 min mile in my life.

My first thought as I crossed the finished line of the 5th Avenue Mile race this morning was that it was almost over before it began.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s actually the beginning of something a whole lot bigger, something that is nowhere near being finished.



  1. Sarah,

    I love it! It is great when we find the limits we set for ourselves are not real.

    Congratulations 🙂

  2. Wow! Congrats and so beautifully written too!

  3. 7.42? WOW!! What an awesome post here written perfectly, I felt you running that awesome wicked fast mile!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

  4. CONGRATS!!! that is so awesome 🙂 love the last sentence too!

  5. […] one-mile races to half-marathons, 2009 has been packed with races from Washington Heights through Central […]

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