Posted by: Sarah | August 26, 2009

tratar de estar mejor…

Oddly enough, it took running a half marathon a little more than a week ago to jump-start my motivation again for running more seriously and logging the miles that will help me to cross the finish line of my next full marathon in November.  Sure, I should have been putting in many, many more of those long training runs before this race, but it is what it is.  Of the three half marathons that I have completed this year, I was in my peak shape for Madison, which was the first of the three.  Between the lack of training after Lake Placid and the heat and humidity that is typical of August in the City (mid 70’s and 75% humidity at 7am when the race kicked off), I was satisfied with my finishing time of 2:32:26 at the New York City Half-Marathon.  Definitely not a personal best, by a long shot, but respectable, all things considered.

Amy and I have been chatting for months about the possibility of running the Philly Marathon, which takes places just before Thanksgiving this year.  I’d heard great things about the marathon there and enjoyed running in that city for the ING Philadelphia Distance Run last year.  This will be Amy’s first marathon, my second full.  San Fran was a learning experience last year, and while there are always unknowns that come into play during a marathon, I have a much better idea of what to expect and what I need to work on in order to get myself across that finish line (which is a LOT at this point…).

Overall, I felt really good during the NYC Half-Marathon last weekend.  Legs felt good, paced myself well for the heat, knees were a little achy for the next day or so, but not too bad.  I was overall happy with how I ran.  That being said, 13.1 is still a longggggg way from 26.2, and I have three months to get there.  The difference now, compared to earlier this summer, is that my passion for the sport is slowly, but surely starting to come back.  I felt as if I went through two months of telling myself that I *should* run, and making up excuses not too.  The past week and a half, I have actually looked forward to lacing up my shoes and going out for a run, stretching my muscles and pounding the pavement.

I’ve committed myself to registering for the race by the end of the week (before the price increases!), and my running buddy and I are going to make this happen.  Three months and counting…November 22!

NYC Half


  1. Great job on the half and good luck on your full!! I am sure you will do great. My race is on Nov. 15 so we will be on a very similar training schedule. I look forward to following you on this journey.

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