Posted by: Sarah | June 30, 2009

I came for a job, I stayed for the City…

Washington Square ParkIt was a late June evening, now two years ago, when I stood at the entrance to Security at El Dorado airport in Bogota, surrounded by incredible people, holding back tears, about to board a flight to New York, not knowing when I would return to Colombia, but knowing that my life was about to change forever when I woke up at JFK the next morning.  I could never have anticipated just how much.

I think back and wonder how these two years could have possibly gone by so fast.  I remember every moment of Colombia like it was yesterday; could I have possibly left so long ago?  When I really stop to think about everything that has comprised my New York experience, it’s insane how much I have packed into two years worth of time.

I have been in two very different career positions, one of which was the best job that I have had yet, the other the worst.  They have both taught me volumes and given me more perspective on what I do and do not want.  I have learned the value of integrity and following your heart.

I have stayed in my NYC apartment longer than any single place that I have called home since I was 18.  Not a big deal for many, but a change from the nomadic existence in which I bounced from either one apartment to another, or one continent to another every 6-12 months. My roommates have become my rock and I have embraced Union Square as “my neighborhood”. I have welcomed friends from around the world who have stayed with me as they pass through the city, friends from the Madison, Paris, Colombia, and AIESEC chapters of my life.

I have traveled to Turkey, Mexico, and returned to Colombia for 10 days, which turned into one of the best vacations/reunions ever.  I have become a serious runner and have traveled around the country to run marathons.

More than anything, my life is richer because of the people who have formed my New York experience, personal and professional relationships that mean the world to me.  People who have laughed with me and cried with me, people with whom I have worked, run, brunched, sipped wine, road tripped, learned some tough life lessons.

oh, New York, there has not been a dull moment, that’s for sure.



  1. Reading your words about your NYC existence makes me realize how much I love this area too. So glad a person as nice as you, believes this is a great area to live. Enjoy your posts

  2. I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to be with my girl friend. After one year, she returned to Colorado and I stayed. That was 24 years ago and I could not be happier with my decision to stay. Congratulations on your amazing new “home”, friends and running. You seem to be living a really good life and that is awesome. I have never been to NYC but I seems like an amazing place to be.

    All the best!

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