Posted by: Sarah | June 29, 2009

Una pasión interminable para su país…

As I immerse myself farther into the depths of US-Latin American foreign policy, the history, culture and politics of the region, I am uncovering more and more layers of the complexity that is Colombia.  I spent a year of my life there, learned so much, and still feel like I know so little.  The more I read, the more I become determined to return, the more I ache for understanding, the more I miss mi tierra.

I just finished reading the autobiography of Ingrid Betancourt, published shortly before her kidnapping in 2002.  It was a fascinating, inspiring, complex, heartbreaking story.  Her unwavering passion for her country, her determined sense of leadership and integrity, the disgusting corruption that plagued the Colombian central government for years, the wondering how things might have played out if she had not been kidnapped, if she had run for the presidential candidacy in 2002.  I remember crying in happiness and astonishment with hundreds of thousands of others in Colombia and around the world when the news came out that she was released last summer, along with 14 other hostages, and intensity of that is even more profound now that I know so much more of her story.  It makes me curious about the role that she will play in the future of Colombia…



  1. Sarah,

    Sounds very compelling. I will have to look into trying to find that to read.


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