Posted by: Sarah | June 16, 2009

Racing through the heart of an Olympic village…

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

My 2nd Team in Training event and 4th Half Marathon was set against the gorgeous backdrop of the Adirondack Mountains, in the small town of Lake Placid, host of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.  For whatever reason, my expectations about Lake Placid were not as high as they usually are before a big race, which may have been better because the entire weekend far exceeded them.

Every time I travel upstate, I am impressed with the beauty of New York state and the Adirondacks did not disappoint.  I loved being in the heart of the Olympic village, seeing the insane ski jumps (which, frankly, were scarier than the idea of running 26.2 miles), the hockey arena where the US defeated Russia to win the gold medal in 1980 in one of the greatest Olympic stories of all time, and finishing the race at the speed skating oval.

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an incredible group of friends, teammates, and coaches who made the weekend memorable.  Kathryn and Tina, with whom I trained for my first TNT event last fall in San Francisco decided to road trip up to Lake Placid and cheer me on.  Amy, whom I hadn’t seen since we lived in Colombia drove down from Canada to meet up and watch me run.  Our NYC chapter had over 80 participants run the race and our wonderful staff and coaches were there for us every step of the way.

The event weekend was much smaller in scale then San Fran, with only about 3,000 runners total, (about 650 TNT runners), but it served as a powerful reminder of why I love my team and this organization so damn much.  I was so proud of how all my mentees did in their first race.  The stories that everyone shared during our pre-race team meeting were inspiring.  Ramon gave me some last minute advice as we were gearing up to run that helped me make it through the last few miles when my hips were starting to ache.  We saw him and the other coaches several times throughout the course, which made the 13.1 miles go much a little bit easier as they were screaming and dancing and cheering us on.

I knew going into the weekend that I most likely wasn’t set to PR after Madison – physically wasn’t quite as on par, wasn’t as mentally prepared, course ended with some pretty nasty hills in the last few miles – so I just approached it as a fun run.  I focused on enjoying the time with my team and paced one of my mentees for her first half-marathon.  We finished in 2:29:51, which wasn’t my best time for the distance, but the experience was awesome.

It was good to get out of the city for the weekend, change of pace, fresh air, explore somewhere new…


  1. […] and bag check.  Amy was in awe/overwhelmed the entire time.  Her only other race was the Lake Placid Half this summer, which is such a small scale event compared to this.  She was pumped, but pretty […]

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