Posted by: Sarah | June 3, 2009

National Running Day

Today, June 3, 2009 is officially the first annual National Running Day.  No, this isn’t like Guacamole Day or any or those other obscure holidays that people make up.  

June 3 has been designated by several major organizations in the running industry, including USA Track & Field, Running USA, the Boston Athletic Association, New York Road Runners, the Oregon Track Club, and more, as National Running Day.  The initiative is encouraging everyone, young and old, runner and non-runner, to lace up their shoes and go for a run today, as  way to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle.  The running industry is focusing especially on inspiring children and educating them on the benefits of running, as so many phys ed programs are included in schools’ budget cuts.

We live in a country that the world often views through the lens of obesity and fast food chains…and with good reason.  The unhealthy lifestyles that so many Americans lead cost over $100 billion annually in health-care expenses and productivity loss due to obesity problems, so much so that inactivity and poor diet are on their way toward overtaking smoking as the #1 cause of preventable death in the US.  Sad.It’s pretty cool to see recreational and competitive runners using various social media channels today, especially Twitter and Facebook, to create a hype around National Running Day.  You don’t need to run a marathon, or even a 5k race, but even small steps toward getting up from your desk or your couch to go for a run goes a long way…and you just might enjoy it 😉    


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