Posted by: Sarah | May 30, 2009

Re-discovering the Dream…

Living the dream.  

The mantra we all lived by in college as we planned for our adventures abroad.  The energy in people who I surrounded myself with.  The decision the shake things up my sophomore year by moving to Paris.  The passion that I felt in ordinary, everyday moments while in Colombia.  The opportunity to work a dream job with an organization to which I was incredibly dedicated, surrounded by an amazing team of people.  How I approached everything in my life. 

Living the dream.

What has been missing from mi vida over the past several months.

I realized that I was not heading in the direction professionally that I wanted, which was making me more and more unhappy in my personal life.  I’ve never settled for something that I wasn’t passionate about, but it was starting to look like that was the direction that I was heading, which made me feel very…not me. 

And so I made some major changes over the past few weeks.  I took a risk and left the job that was making me unhappy and which I knew was never going to lead me achieve my goals.  Best decision I’ve made in a long time.  Spending some time back in Madison always seems to give me clarity and remind me to not stop pushing until I’m doing what I am completely passionate about, to never settle for less than the best.  

I have a few ideas for the short term, which will keep me based in New York (yay! still love this city).  I’m playing around with an idea for the next part of the plan, which makes me happier just thinking about the possibility that I ever was at my last job.  There may be a bit of nomading involved; time will tell.

Ohhh, life.  Love the adventure.


  1. me alegro por ti sarah! te deseo mucha suerte y espero que te encuentres pronto en un trabajo fenomenal =]

  2. Sarah,

    I am so glad that you were able take a risk and move your life in the direction you wanted. That is awesome that you were able to do that.

    Choose life!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

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