Posted by: Sarah | May 26, 2009

there’s no place like home…

It was a perfect Madtown weekend, in every way possible.  Though most of my college crew has spread their wings and followed their dreams down different roads, on certain occasions the winds of Madison call us all back together again.  The sun shines down on the lake, we bring pitchers of Spotted Cow and Babcock ice cream out to the iconic yellow, orange, and green terrace tables, and it is as if a mere matter of weeks has passed since we were last together.  
After deciding a few months ago to run the Madison Half-Marathon, it turned out that several friends – both runners and non-runners – had the same idea, and several reunions fell into place.  Others drove to town for the day from Chicago, the Twin Cities, and West Bend, making the weekend even richer.
The race was a memorable one for me.  I ran with Simon and Liz and the memories flooded back as we passed the Camp Randall Stadium, the Lakeshore dorms.  We saw friends’ old apartments and campus buildings where we had spent countless hours in classes.  Liz and I remembered many runs together as we turned down the Lakeshore path and around the Union.  The course went up Langdon, we laughed and pointed out different frat houses that we had partied at.  A couple spectators handed out beer along the course, and the three of us had no intention of turning it down – I love Wisconsinites.  Zach was cheering for us near James Madison Park, Jackie at Tenney Park.  The final 5k curved around the Monona Terrace and the sun shone on Lake Monona.  The last couple miles were tough, but as I turned down the final stretch and pushed my way to the finish line amidst the cheering, I knew that I would PR by several minutes.  
In just one long weekend, I saw many, many close friends, wandered up and down State Street, visited some of my favorite cafes and bars, and soaked up every ounce of Madison goodness that I could.  I may not return often, but Madison will always have a place in my heart, will always call me home.

Madison: Experiences for a Lifetime 

Best roommates, best friends.
hanging out with the guys on the terrace
PR 2:19:45

my “little sisters”
AIESEC love: Erin’s first Marathon

Les Parisiens: Joe’s first Half-Marathon


  1. Looks like a great weekend, and a great race! Planning races around a just-for-fun trip makes them even better, I think.

  2. […] knew going into the weekend that I most likely wasn’t set to PR after Madison – physically wasn’t quite as on par, wasn’t as mentally prepared, course ended […]

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