Posted by: Sarah | March 15, 2009

there’s a hole in the world tonight…

It’s hard to articulate the emotions of saying good-bye.  A string of particularly tough ones are surrounding me, but haven’t truly sunk in yet.    

When individuals come into your life and have a profound impact on you, it’s hard to accept that things won’t always stay the same, that your paths will diverge.  Even if your friendship stays strong, the relationship inevitably changes with geography.  They are no longer a subway ride away when you want to meet for coffee, no longer the ones with whom you will share crazy stories of nights out.  Life isn’t static.  You may find yourself slip comfortably into a routine for awhile only to have it inevitably shaken up.  It’s hard as hell to adjust to not seeing people who are intertwined in the fabric of your life on a regular basis. 

And so, what do you do when your friends move away?  You say “see you soon”, rather than “good-bye”.  You accept that life will continue to change, relationships continue to evolve, nothing stays the same and that is the beauty of life.  Good-byes help you cherish the time you spend together and cement the memories in your mind forever.


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