Posted by: Sarah | March 14, 2009

A Race Like No Other…

As I crossed the finish line of the NYRR 8000m race this morning, I moved one step closer to THE race that I’ve had my eye on since I found myself integrated into the New York running scene last summer… the NY Marathon.  Maybe one day I will aspire to run Boston, the pinnacle of distance running, but at this point, my heart is set on running one of the greatest marathons there is – in my city.  

A course that traverses 5 boroughs and 5 bridges, finishing in Central Park, will be the culmination of the journey that it takes to qualify.  Nine races in 2009 will guarantee my entry for NYM 2010.  I have two behind me, a 5k in Washington Heights and today’s 8k in the Park.  And so, interspersed with the destination marathons that I have ahead of me this year, in Madison, Lake Placid, and San Fran, my New York races will be what really keep pushing me toward the goal that I have ahead of me.  

Do you have what it takes?



  1. have you seen the nike shoes that link up with your ipod nano??? measures distance, speed, calories etc you can even pick your “power song” to kick in when you need some motivation. SO COOL! get some for your race

  2. You are awesome, period. It’s so inspiring to see people wholeheartedly go after their goals. Kudos to you!!

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