Posted by: Sarah | February 16, 2009

half the world is sleeping while the other half dreams…

Which is worse: slipping into a routine that bores you to tears or uncertainty that exceeds rationality?  What do you do when being realistic clashes with following your heart, and responsibility makes it nearly impossible to follow the dream?  You wonder when things changed somewhere along the way, if it was a decision that you actively made, or if that is just the direction that life twists and takes us along.

When you live in an age where the economy slips its way into every conversation, when you see the heart of the financial industry of your city and your world fall to its knees, when you have more conversations with friends who have lost their jobs in the past 4 months than you would have expected in a decade, the forecast looks bleak and your head tells you that you should be more grateful than ever to be employed, to have a steady income, a predictable routine.  But when happens when that routine is draining the creativity from your heart, and that predictable routine goes against the rhythm that your feet want to run?  If your version of reality, the dream you want to live goes against the world’s version of reality, are you destined to lose?


  1. I think it depends on how you define losing. It seems that following the dream can often be difficult to do, whether it’s because it takes courage to go for it or because society tells us it’s not practical, or even if it’s because it is unclear how long the initial sacrifice of security (financial or otherwise) will remain a question.

    In times like these, perhaps if you can at least keep the dream alive, it will remain attainable even if you have to surrender yourself to the reality of bills, employment, and debt… at least for the time being. I think you can make it happen eventually 🙂
    As Coelho wrote: “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself, for no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams…”

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