Posted by: Sarah | February 14, 2009

Reasons to love a distance runner…

– We keep a general rule in mind: stay loose and limber
– We go long and hard
– We make sure we start out slow to ensure endurance
– We don’t mind getting hot and sweaty
– We follow directions, we do what we’re told
– You don’t have to worry about us being out-of-shape
– There’s no refund on entry fees
– We’re use to having our clothes stained or torn
– We’re perfectionists: we’ll keep going until we hit it
– We remember what our coach said: keep those knees high
– We’re used to performing well in minimal amounts of clothing
– We’re used to waking up in the morning with pain
– We always have more fun in a group than alone
– We love doing it everyday…sometimes more than once
– Some handoffs can be awkward
– We’re very flexible
– We don’t forget to switch up the tempo here and there
 – We can do it anywhere: beach, woods, track, you name it
– We keep a journal of where we’ve been
– We can do it alone, with a partner or in a group
– Once we make a name for ourself, we expect frequent blood tests
– We sometimes find it embarrassing if other people see us
– Doing it indoors with a machine is ok, but outside is better
– Unlike the old dudes, we find it easy to keep upright and smiling
– We tend to finish sooner
– We’re used to people saying “alright boys, take ’em off”
– We often like to finish with a smile for the cameras
– Some people like music, but we like to hear the sound of our own panting
– We wear skimpier clothes than Madonna
– We get a smile the next day when strangers see us walking funny
– We always get someone to check out our gear
– We go in hard and come out wet
– We can hold our pace for long periods of time
– We can identify people by looking from the waist down
– We get our hips up high
– We’ve been around the block
– When the conditions aren’t right, we’re not afraid to get dirty

…quoted from an awesome facebook page

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