Posted by: Sarah | February 4, 2009

In honor of the "carrot guy"…

Only in New York.  Some say that this notion makes the city unique, others say that it turns the city into its own cliche.  Regardless, there are a few characters, places, trends that are deeply intertwined with the fabric of the city, whether this be the naked guitar-playing cowboy in Times Square, Milk & Honey, or converted apartments, that all New Yorkers accept as only in New York.

The city lost a great New Yorker today.  Not someone that many outside of New York may know, but one who was very familiar to most who live here.  I have walked through Union Square on my way home nearly every day for the past year and a half and was always genuinely amused by the older man sitting on the northwest corner of the GreenMarket, in a full suit, with a British accent, peeling carrots and potatoes, selling the peelers to a large crowd assembled in front of him.  He called Park Avenue home, had appearances ranging from Vanity Fair to the Today show, and boasted that the vegetable peelers he had sold for decades on the streets of New York were one of a kind.

A charismatic salesman and quintessential New Yorker, Joe passed away today at the age of 75.  Rest in peace Joe, Union Square won’t be quite the same without you.


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