Posted by: Sarah | February 3, 2009

And I know it hurts and I know you feel torn, but you never gave up this easily before

These are the stories that inspire me to keep running marathons….

Dear Lake Placid team – 

You are my heroes for signing up for TNT and committing to raise funds for those like my daughter, Aliza, who is battling infant leukemia.  Aliza was diagnosed at 11.5 months of age and is undergoing 2 years of intense chemotherapy.  The first three months of Aliza’s treatment was entirely as an in-patient at the hospital.  Now 17 months old, Liza leads a life quite different from other toddlers her age because she has a weakened immune system.  As a result, she needs to be isolated from other children who may carry germs, and special care must be taken to minimize her risk for infections.  In addition to receiving chemo, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, etc. at an outpatient clinic each week, she has periodic chemo sessions that are still so intense that they require that she stay in the hospital for several days at a time. As any parent would do for a sick child, my husband’s and my life revolve around Aliza – both her treatment and her well-being.

Unlike some other forms of leukemia, Liza’s is extremely rare and very difficult to treat.  It is critical that funds exist for research to continue in hopes of finding a cure for infants/toddlers like her. 

Our country is undergoing tough financial times and many have concerns over job stability.  It’s understandable that this makes it a little harder to get friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to dig into their pockets to donate.  But I encourage you to be creative in your fundraising efforts and to stay committed to your goal.

From my heart – thank you! And best of luck for a fun and injury-free training season.

Aliza’s mom


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