Posted by: Sarah | January 31, 2009

Defying gravity…

After hearing buzz about Wicked for the past several years, which seems to be the most talked about musical since the Rent craze, I finally saw this amazing production last night…from the very front row of the Gershwin theatre on Broadway.  

This is the third musical that I have seen by catching the last minute front row raffle seats, which many Broadway theatres offer.  I really believe that it is the best way to experience these world-class performances.  While there may be some effects that are lost when you are so close up that you could better appreciate if you had a different view of the stage from farther back, the emotion and expression that you are able to see on faces of the actors is priceless.  The pit orchestra is literally at your feet, the music surrounds you, you make eye contact with the actors on stage and are so much more absorbed into the story than would be possible from anywhere else in the theatre.   

The story was an intriguing twist on a classic story and made me want to re-watch The Wizard of Oz.  I left with butterflies in my stomach.  The theatrical and musical talent on Broadway is unmatched by anything else in the world. Incredible.

update: 28 front row Wicked tickets are raffled off for $26.50 each, 2.5 hours before every show at the box office, limit 2 per person. several Broadway shows have similar offers, but each theatre has a slightly different policy.



  1. How’d you get front row seats? And Wicked is cool but…Rent is still my fave… 🙂

  2. We just saw Wicked here in Los Angeles using discounted tickets from Goldstar. I loved the performance SO MUCH. more than any other movie or play I’ve ever seen

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