Posted by: Sarah | January 10, 2009

shaking things up in 2009…

Our fabulous apartment will have 2-3 openings within the next few months.  A couple of my roommates have hit the “I’m almost 30, I should have a grown up apartment and not live with 4 roommates” crisis and will be parting ways.  

Sweet space, rooftop access, ghetto-old-school-manually-operated elevator (that rarely gets stuck), right in the heart of one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city.  We have our token coffee-shop/wine-shop across the street, the corner deli which comes through for us whenever we need an extra case of beer or a late night snack, and the Union Square farmers market a block away.  When it comes to NY apartments, believe me, this one is a diamond in the rough.

Anyone in the NY area looking for a place to live…let me know.



  1. damn it, about 8 months too soon…that is assuming I’m staying in NY after school…

  2. there’s a very good possibility that one of those three may stay until she leaves for grad school in fall… in which case, we’ll chat 😉

  3. man, if the timing was like…summer… i’d be down!

  4. man your apartment issss pretty sweet. That exposed brick- on purpose- beautiful!

    unfortunately i think the commute will be a little much for me.

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