Posted by: Sarah | January 6, 2009

resolutions and such…

I resolve to wake up early and go to the gym before work…at least for the next month, until all those people who only go to the gym in January stop taking up all the machines.



  1. it is ridiculous isn’t it?? suddenly everyone is dieting and going to the gym. the only people who really enjoy going to the gym though are my guy friends cause theres an increase of ladies on the treadmill. woopdedoo.

  2. soooo awful.

  3. more power to the people going to the gym.

    why are you all so cynical!?

  4. they will NEVER last. I will give them all until the 1st week of February. Maybe until spring break if they are college kids going to a warm destination and need to wear a swim suit.

  5. none the less. they’re at the gym. thats a step in the right direction, and better than watching tv all day.

  6. Power to the people that keep with it. The others are getting in the way of me enjoying my over priced gym membership in the limited amount of time I can actually go in a day.

  7. How else am I supposed to meet chicks?

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