Posted by: Sarah | December 21, 2008

13.1 is the new 26.2

As this new race series contends, 13.1 isn’t half of anything.  I am going to make 2009 my year to conquer this distance, which has become the latest trend in the running world.   

After taking the past few months off, more or less, I’ve allowed my body to finally recover from the grueling training leading up to San Francisco.  I’ve enjoyed long easy runs just for the sake of rediscovering the love of the sport, and I’m psyched to start seriously training again after the holidays.  

I gave huge props to my two amazing mentors for making my first season with TNT and my first marathon experience what it was, which is why I was happy to find out a few days ago that I was selected to be one of the mentors for the Summer 2009 season.  I had been debating which race to run (San Diego, Anchorage or Lake Placid), and while a big deciding factor was definitely travel costs, I also selected Lake Placid because they offered a Half in addition to the Full.  The nature of this race makes it still an incredible physical challenge, but obviously one with a much faster recovery time, meaning that you can run them much closer together without needing a substantial recovery period after (aka you can still walk after you cross the finish line).  I can also start to approach this distance with a more rigorous time goal in mind rather than just aiming to cross the finish line.

And so I’m off to the two-time Winter Olympic site this coming June.  Our training season starts January 28, but planning with the other mentors and coaches starts shortly after the holidays.  I’m excited not only to start planning fundraising and member engagement ideas, but to hopefully inspire some newbie marathoners, as my mentors did for me.

Hopefully I will be able to plan my training to include a few Halfs throughout the season so that I am fully ready to race in Lake Placid.  Toying with the idea of the Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon or the Little Rock Marathon at the midway point of the season.  Memorial Day weekend just may be time for a trip back to the Midwest to chill on the Terrace, visit the Farmers Market and run the Madtown Half around that gorgeous city a few weeks before the big TNT race upstate.

There may still be an international full marathon in the works for later in the year, but there are many details to be worked out before that one is good to go…


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