Posted by: Sarah | November 29, 2008

Pregunto yo que pasa hoy con el mundo, Que está tan absurdo…

I spent Thanksgiving on Long Island with a good friend of mine and her entire extended family.  My friend is Indian.  As her mom picked us up from the train station Wednesday night, she began to tell us what was unfolding in Mumbai.  

It was unnerving and surreal to spend all day Thursday cooking with the television on in the background, my friend’s parents switching back and forth between CNN in English and Hindi, watching the coverage that has been labeling the terrorist attacks as “India’s 9/11”.  Don’t get me wrong – we had a blast spending the entire day in the kitchen, cooking up a delicious feast for all the guests who came over later in the evening, but conversations amongst all the relatives kept going back to specific family and friends who were currently in Mumbai and what time people had last spoken to them over the past couple days.   

We came back to my friend’s house this afternoon from a successful Black Friday shopping excursion and were numbed as we sat in front of the news coverage again, appalled that the death toll was continuing to rise, the gunfire raged in unpredictable spurts behind the journalists in front of the Taj hotel, the hostage situation and number of injured going back and forth.  For now, the siege has apparently been declared “over” and that these particular terrorists have been killed, but I have a feeling that this terror is far from over….

My heart goes out to all those directly affected by all this cruel, inhumane attacks.


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