Posted by: Sarah | October 19, 2008

forever may you run…

Inspiration from our pasta party, where over 5,000 Team in Training participants from around the country and more than 2,500 family members and friends gathered to celebrate the hugh accomplishment that we have already achieved for such an incredible cause before tomorrow’s race.  Needless to say, the journey keeps getting more and more emotional.

“Think about who you were 20 weeks ago, and who you will be tomorrow…”  

“You’re giving others a chance to realize there is no finish line in life…”

“One day we will gather for the final pasta party because we will have cured blood cancers…”

…and we’re off.



  1. I know this post does not belong here, but it’ll probably put a smile on your face.


  2. how’d it go? how’d it go? how’d it go?

  3. […] event weekend was much smaller in scale then San Fran, with only about 3,000 runners total, (about 650 TNT runners), but it served as a powerful reminder […]

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