Posted by: Sarah | October 3, 2008

Tina Fey would make a better VP…

When you think that you understand foreign policy simply because you govern a state whose next door neighbors are foreign countries, look around.  That argument may have worked 50 years ago.  That may be enough understanding of international relations from a small town mayor. That’s not the kind of response that I want to hear from the second highest leader of the most influential country in the world.  

Frankly, Ms. Palin, that kind of response makes me feel like my undergraduate degree in International Studies gives me a more comprehensive understanding of foreign policy than you.  Until your speed-dating luncheons with world leaders when they were in town for the UN Session last week, did any of these people have any clue who you were?  Of course they didn’t.  You didn’t even have a passport until last week.

You claim to be an expert on energy, on finding new solutions, becoming less dependent on the rest of the world for energy sources.  Simply put, “If you don’t understand the causes, how can you come up with solutions?”   Apparently, Biden doesn’t find any more comfort in her supposed “expertise” than I do.  

When you can’t take the heat as Katie Couric is firing tough questions at you, how the hell are you going to answer the serious issues our world is facing today?  Life is not an interview.  You’ll try to find the answer and get back to us?  If you’re the vice-president of this country, you can’t bullshit your way through the role and hope that if you keep smiling and look pretty, the world won’t listen to the content of what you are saying.  We’re not stupid, Sarah, we see through the act.  Behind the catchphrases and buzzwords, there is no substance.  It is embarrassing, it is laughable, it is scary.  Can we start being serious?  This is the future of our country, after all.

Oh, and one more thing, Palin?  A vice presidential hopeful does NOT wink at the United States of America during a debate.


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