Posted by: Sarah | September 1, 2008

running, running, as fast as we can…

I ran with the entire world last night.  Running in New York is unique.  Running with the rest of the globe is a once in a lifetime experience.

More than one million runners lined up from Melbourne to Moscow to Johannesburg to Vancouver.  2,964,921 miles were covered.  We ran around the equator of the earth nearly 120 times.  

As we lined up behind the shotgun on Randall Island, athletes were lining up in Asia, in Shanghai and Singapore, Seoul and Taipai.  My shoes hit the pavement in sync with those in Mexico City and Montevideo.  

We pushed the hills, that can’t even begin to compare to the inclines in Quito and Mt. Fuji.  From Warsaw to Madrid, Rome to London, Istanbul to Munich, European runners clocked their 10k bests.    

As the time zones past from the East Coast to the West, thousands crossed the finish line in NYC, then Chicago and Austin, finally Portland and LA.  South of the equator, thousands ran through the metropolises of Caracas, Sao Paolo, Lima, and Buenos Aires.  I smiled a little more, thinking of those running in my other homes – Bogota and Paris.  

The average finishing time for New York was 1:02:04.  I clocked in at 1:04:41.  I am a New York runner.

Nike runners, we made history today.  We were part of something bigger, a Human Race, a global community of athletes that doesn’t require record breaking Olympic times.  I’ve never been so inspired by a race as I was last night, amidst the sea of red.  I have never had so much energy crossing the finish line as I waved to the cameras.  The post-race concert concluded with fireworks – a fitting finale to an international celebration.


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