Posted by: Sarah | August 27, 2008

fitting together the pieces of the puzzle….

In the attempt to move forward and find the next opportunity that awaits me, I have spent a lot of time searching over the past several weeks but not knowing exactly what I am trying to find.  Someone whom I have a lot of respect for challenged me with a different question today.  What are the things you could do all day, every day, and be happy? He asked me.  I’m not looking for a job title… what could you do and never tire of it?   

Find myself lost in a new city, exploring what is around the next corner, taking in the art, the architecture, the smells, the language, the vibe of the people.  Have a conversation with people from around the world, sharing perspectives, stories, ideas, discussing world events, our diversity adding to the richness of the conversation.  Over a glass of wine and a mouth-watering meal, of course.  Spend a day in a cafe, sipping on a latte and reading.  Oh, and watch college football. He threw that one out there and I had to agree. 

So where does that lead me?

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