Posted by: Sarah | August 17, 2008

I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier

Courage: Everything you need is already inside



  1. Love the video and btdubs that is like one of my all time favorite songs.

  2. […] Sports, and especially epic competitions such as the Olympics, World Cups, Grand Slams, Major Marathons, playoffs, showcase PASSION.  Sports push humans to their ultimate LIMITS.  They test not only the physical STRENGTH, but the mental and emotional strength that people have within themselves if they really and truly want to find it.  It’s the stories like Melanie Oudin, the 17-year old from Georgia who has taken the Open by surprise with one upset after another, quickly rising through the ranks of elite female tennis players, living up to her motto BELIEVE.  It’s the Monfils-Nadal match going into the quarterfinals, where the intensity of their game from the first point has looked like they were rallying for the match point.  Sports draw something from deep within, something that is INSPIRING, something that is contagious, something called COURAGE. […]

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