Posted by: Sarah | August 11, 2008

one world, one dream…

The Olympics.  

It’s the scene of champions and world records, upsets and heartbreaking moments.  When all around me, hope seems to be fading faster than I can keep track, when disappointment comes in waves bigger than I ever thought possible, I hear the US national anthem and I get goosebumps.  The Olympics remain one of the greatest symbols of heart, humanity, strength, national pride, international cooperation.  These athletes convince us there is a reason to hope in humanity’s potential.   

While Russia is invading Georgia, their top athletes give each other congratulatory hugs on the medal podium.  China produces the most impressive opening ceremony ever, artistically blending their rich history with their passion for modernity and the future.  The US Men’s Relay Swim Team comes through with a record breaking win and one of the most jubilant celebrations I have seen yet, maintaining America’s early lead in overall medal count for the 29th Olympiad, adding another gold to the tally.  

Over the next several days, heros will be made, priceless moments will be simultaneously watched and replayed around the globe, in the ultimate athletic competition.



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