Posted by: Sarah | July 27, 2008

run like the city and never ever stop…

I ran the NYC Half-Marathon this morning.  It was one of the most incredible, surreal, emotional experiences I’ve had in quite a long time.  The menacing thunderstorms that loomed in the distance when I left my apartment at 5am held off long enough until the race was over.  I joined 15,000 other runners for an amazing race through the best that Manhattan has to offer runners – Central Park, Times Square, 42nd Street, West Side Hwy, Battery Park.  

The highlight of the race was when we finally exploded out of the park and headed downtown.  The hills were behind us, it was time to have some fun.  7th Avenue opened up in front of us, completely blocked off from traffic, Times Square waiting for us.  I don’t know of any occasion other than New Years Eve when this section of the city is completely blocked off and the view is incredible.  We enjoyed live music through this entire section of the course.  It’s pretty incredible to see runners bust out the Y-M-C-A and laughing their asses off have way through this intense of a race because they are having so damn much fun.For the record, Team in Training is one of the most inspiring groups of people I have ever known.  I ran this specific race today for Melissa, one of our honored teammates, who is a year older than me, was diagnosed with Hodgkins at age 22, and is a SURVIVOR.  Her email this week thanking me for running with TNT brought tears to my eyes.  My team members, coaches and mentors who weren’t racing today lined the entire course and cheered us on.  The last couple miles were definitely painful, and I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for our cheering section I would have had a much more difficult time pushing myself to keeping running through the finish line.  We saw our head coach, Ramon, at several points as he biked back and forth along the course to check on his team and scream “TNT rocks the house!” or “HOLAAAAAA” in our faces.  Having just completed a 100-mile ultramarathon in Vermont last weekend and having already raised over $55,000 this year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, he has been an incredible source of motivation for all of us.  My two mentors have reached out to me so much and have inspired me greatly.   

And to think that this is just another step toward the real deal in October.  13.1 miles under my belt.  Now I just need to learn how to do that twice in a row.

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