Posted by: Sarah | July 13, 2008

I’ve got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine…

What makes one run more memorable than any other? Free giveaways, celebrity sighting, running through a fountain at the park? Yeah, that could do it.

We hit the 10 mile mark for the first time during our long run yesterday morning, as we ran from Riverside Park, past Chelsea Piers, almost down to Battery Park. We scored some free wristbands and energy drinks from the Women’s Health Magazine promoters organizing the ARE YOU GAME? event.

People watching opportunities when running in NYC are countless…. including an occasional celebrity, if you are lucky. I have never been the star-struck type, I don’t follow celebrity gossip, the idea of spotting celebs in the city has never been something that has impressed me as most of my friends. But, I have to say, when Elke and I passed Nigel, from my admittedly guilty pleasure America’s Next Top Model, walking with his wife and kid, we got a little excited. 
A few miles before we got back to Riverside, we dashed into one of the playgrounds along the Hudson, ran past the sandboxes filled with children and parents giving us puzzled looks, and underneath the sprinklers, jumping around and laughing like we were kids on summer vacation.  

It was a glorious run.



  1. sounds incredible 🙂

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