Posted by: Sarah | June 30, 2008

I’m Streetsmart, I’ve got New York City Heart…

One year ago today.  

I landed at JFK with two suitcases about to burst and more carry-on luggage than I could possibly carry. I had gotten a job offer no more than five days prior, packed up my life in Colombia, and flew out of Bogota the evening before my visa expired, knowing that when I woke up on my red-eye flight the next morning, the US would once again be home after a year abroad. It was time to move on. There were new adventures to be had. I knew little about what lay before me, but I knew that I wanted it more than anything.

The past twelve months have been one hell of a ride. This little town of Manhattan and I have learned to get along pretty well. This marks summer numero tres of living in this city. Summers of outdoor movies, tanning in Sheeps Meadow, street fairs, happy hours on rooftop bars, getting caught in intense summer thunderstorms, lazy afternoons spent wandering through the Village.  Summers where this is what’s rolled into an average weekend….

Meat Market = fittingly located in the Meat-Packing District where fashion is edgy and it’s ALL about who you know. This is THE place to see and be seen, where the right connections can get you sushi topped with caviar and a table full of drinks that are replenished before you even notice they are finished.  The music was hot, we danced the night away, bumped into a well-known AIESEC alum…this city is not so large after all.

PRIDEFEST = 100% undeniable proof that there are a LOT of incredibly attractive, SEXY men in this city, with unbelievable bodies that they aren’t afraid to show off. It’s also proof that they are ALL gay. My roommates and I watched the parade this weekend and decided that it was just a mean tease to all women who live here.  As if men walking down 5th Avenue in g-strings wasn’t entertainment enough, the sudden bursts of rain made the show even more hilarious.

OLE OLE, OLE OLE Without even watching the EuroCup finals on Sunday, I knew the instant that the game was done and who was the champion.  I walked through the East Village to meet a couple friends for dinner and heard shouts of VIVA ESPANA, people pouring out of sports bars with red and gold flags draped around them, jumping up and down with the same amount of sheer passion that you would expect to find on State Street if the Badgers had just won the Rose Bowl.
The rhythm of the city
But once you get it down
Then you can own this town
You can wear the crown

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