Posted by: Sarah | June 7, 2008

Hot town, Summer in the City…

Run like the city and never ever stop. Run like its power is the muscle in your legs. Run like the speed of a New York Minute is a time you can beat. Take your cue from Fred Lebow and memorize your second hand. Run like a restored Grand Central and don’t stop until you see stars. Let the dreams of New York’s tenants be your inspiration to finish first. Run like you’re late for breakfast at Tiffany’s and your name isn’t Golightly for a reason. Begin your sprint confident you can turn West 4th into West 10th just like that. Run a time so nice, you’d run it twice. Run like anything is possible. Run like you can’t be stopped. Run like you love New York and if you can make it here you can make it, well, you know the words. Run like the city.

Run like you’ve hit the triple digits and there’s no end in sight. Break a runner’s sweat. Break a past record. Run like a Fifth Avenue penthouse and have the best view in the city – the one from the front of the pack. Run like the UWS and put some jazz in your step. Chart a course like the menu at Big Nick’s and continues on and on and on. Run like Riverside Park and trace the shore. Push it like the GW and connect determination to domination. Run like Tavern on the Green and pop the question. Feel the adrenaline course through your veins. Ask that special split second to be yours forever. Lay it all out on the line. On your legs and lungs. Show the world that your feet mean what they say. That you’re a New York runner. Run like the city.

Run like the skyline and tower over your personal best. Run until your second wind scrapes the sky. Leave your legs in awe. Run like Letterman and make sure this race is in your personal top ten. Run like the Great White Way and break a PR instead of a leg. Be the longest-running on Broadway. Run aggressive like a cabbie and flip tired the bird. Sprint like Trump and tell your burning lungs it’s just business, nothing personal. Run like you’re spreading the news. Spreading your stride. Spreading out the mileage. Run like the city.

Run funky and fresh. From Chinatown to Chelsea. Run like a diplomat and unite the East and West Sides. Join two shores with one route. Welcome new miles like Lady Liberty. Run like you have an appointment with the Brooklyn Bridge. Span fatigue and suspend worry. Run like your calves are carved from granite and your quads are strong as steel. Run like Wall Street and increase your speed exponentially. Run like Gramercy Park and be the key that unlocks the gate to farther and faster. Forge on to the finish like there’s no number you can’t get – even the one to Milk & Honey. Cut across Gansevoort and don’t stop thumping – when the clubbers are headed home, you’re still out running. Run like the city.

– Niketown, RUNNYC



  1. I think someone might be turing into a new yorker 😉

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