Posted by: Sarah | June 4, 2008

take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything…

When mentally and physically training your body, heart, and mind to run 26.2 miles, inspiration comes in small, but surprisingly powerful doses.

Exploring a different side of New York City. Running under the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk.

Those nights when you fall easily into your groove. The pace is comfortable, the level of humidity is right, you feel like you could run for hours, your push through the hills and refuse to let yourself walk because any incline in Central Park is nothing compared to what’s waiting out in SF. Only a few weeks into training and the miles are starting to get easier to add on.

The song that comes up on your iPod, syncs with your footsteps and your heartbeat, and you press repeat over and over and over.

Our coach. His ridiculous Spanglish emails detailing our work-outs, which will never be canceled for rain, but could possibly be changed if American Idol or Grey’s Anatomy is moved to Tuesday nights. I think he’s only half joking. He is training for a 100-mile ultramarathon. During one of our trail runs a few weeks ago, I asked him how the hell you complete an event like that. His answer: Go to the start line. Run for about 20 hours. Cross the finish line. Simple as that. He has also already raised over $50,000 for LLS through TNT. He makes all of our goals seem so much more attainable.

The post-run stretch and energy bar waiting for you.

The people who support you, yet don’t even know you.
My running buddy and I rounded the last corner of our run tonight, the end point was in sight, a quarter mile ahead of us, and two little kids, not more than 5 or 6 years old shouted out “YOU’RE AWESOME” and “YOU GIRLS ARE SO TALL!”. They sat on the grass and continued to cheer on everyone else behind us. We sprinted to the end.

The incredible sense of community.


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