Posted by: Sarah | May 5, 2008

Who says you can’t go home…

VISA. It’s everywhere you want to be.

except Colombia.

Trying to buy an airplane ticket to get from Barranquilla to Bogota is proving difficult now that I no longer have a Colombian bank account and major credit cards don’t sync with online payment systems here. ohhhh Colombia.

Being back here is so easy. So much easier than I ever expected. I know the system, the little intricasies of the culture that took a year to figure out, but that really are second nature. My espanol has come back without any effort.

I missed a culture where things are a little crazy, where you have to argue with the taxi driver to avoid getting screwed over. It doesn’t matter that it’s a difference of 1.000 pesos (~$.50), it’s the principle of things, knowing how the system works and letting them know that you know how things roll around here.

The inside jokes have stood the test of time. I say pasame la botella and the gringos understand the reference. We hiked into Tayrona and I can anticipate the twists and turns of the path, where we need to hike over rocks and how much longer until the trail will open up to the gorgeous spread of ocean in front of us. When it comes to “domicilio-ing”, I open the phone book and recognize all our favorite restaurants. It’s all so familiar.



  1. you also have to avoid the poo and body-slamming horses on the walk to tayrona.

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