Posted by: Sarah | May 2, 2008

Time cast a spell on you, but you won’t forget me…

No puedo creer que estoy aqui. Parece como un sueno. Estoy buscando cambios pero hasta ahora todo esta exactamente lo mismo.

I stepped off the plane and smiled to see the Colombian military and Tigo ads. It had been raining just before my flight landed, evident from all the roads in the south which were flooded, children splashing around in the mud. All of the little things that are so ordinary, and that make Barranquilla the pure beautiful craziness that it is struck me in the taxi ride from the airport into the city. I could do nothing more or less than soak it all in. Via 40, Exito, moto taxis, Junior jerseys, Aguila, donkey pulled carts of fruit, the gaudy brightly colored city buses, banderas, piles of rubble from broken down buildings that have probably sat there for years and will not be cleared away for years to come.

I walked passed my old apartment, stopped for juice at the frutera, and headed straight to the Prado to go for a swim. The hotel staff looked as if they had seen a ghost. The amount of time that the gringos spend chilling there put us on a first name basis with most of them. Colombian hospitality never fails as they told me how I had been away for awhile but it was good to see me back. I jumped in the deep end, clearing my mind of everything going on back home. I lay out my towel to soak up the rays alongside the pool and realized that I couldn’t remember the last time that I could PAUSE as much as I do in Colombia.

Stepping back into my old environment immediately made me realize just how drastically I have changed over the past year. The longer that I am back in the States, I find myself feeling more and more like a New Yorker…questioning if I could ever live anywhere else again, now that I have grown accustomed to having the world at my fingertips. Yet Colombia still holds a spell over me that I can’t escape. Barranquilla is different from New York in every way possible. Two cities, on two different coasts, each defined by a drastically different type of chaos. Each presents an extreme foil of the other; the me I want to be is searching for the balance between the two.

The emotions are swirling, I try to digest them, and the only one that I can clearly identify is happiness, pure and simple.

Reflections of coming back will continue to develop…

Off to dinner at Crepes and Waffles!



  1. I know exacly what you mean!
    nena.. que ganas tengo tambien de volver! YUJUUU!! 🙂
    Nos veremos en pocos dias! 🙂

  2. enjoy it babe! you deserve this break from this crazy place.

  3. ¡Qué envidia! Espero que la pases muy bien por esas tierras queridas. Tu mereces este descanso mucho y te deseo mucha tranquilidad costeña. Cuídate parce.

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