Posted by: Sarah | April 28, 2008

and eventually our theories couldn’t explain it all…

Being pulled from so many directions that it’s hard to know where to turn my head…

Waiting for the dust to settle, not knowing where the chips will land…

Speaking for myself and others around me, it’s hard to take it on faith, stay strong, make the decisions that are tough as hell, but that you know in your heart are right. I knew months ago that I needed a vacation to return to Latin America, relax and refocus, but I never could have predicted just how perfect the timing would be. So much has come full circle over the past year. With everything that has been going on, a few days at Tayrona, cut off from civilization, should hopefully allow me to look within and figure out my next move, determine my priorities, personally and professionally.


  1. i like the ani title.

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